Interior Painting

For any of your Painting requirements, request our experienced professional service.
We always welcome your inquiry on phone/WhatsApp:  04-5783484

Process of the work:

  1. Confirmation: Once we receive your order we will contact your to confirm the booking
  2. Assessment: Painter will come and asses the work that needs to be done
  3. Applying Covers: Painter will begin by applying covers over the floor or any immovable items
  4. Edges Taping: Painter will apply tape across the edges and electrical outlet to protect them from the paint.
  5. Peeling and Smoothing: Painter will begin by peeling off any damaged paint around & covering the small cracks and punctures.
  6. Buff and Paint: Painter will buff and begin painting the right color for you

Equipment used:

  • Plastic Covers and Tape
  • Angle Brush
  • Putty Knife
  • Paint Tray
  • Microfiber roller


  • Customer must provide access to the painter
  • This service does not include any cover for water damage
  • Please ensure to clear the area of all precious items as will not be held liable for any damages
  • Full home painting excluding ceilings & balconies
Accommodation type:
How many room?
What is the paint color?
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